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  • Aion 4.6 🎁- Подарки на старте

Aion 4.6 🎁- Подарки на старте

  • Server type:Normal
  • Online:398
  • Server number:1
  • Redirects:7272
Оптимизирован клиент, под новые и старые ПК.
Заменена система источников.
Добавлена экипировка Божества.
Добавлены продавцы и монеты.
Добавлена Бижутерия.
Исправлены все недочёты, которые были на РУ ОФЕ.
We offer unique opportunities for players to enjoy our server. Here, you'll find double rates for fast pumping and a stable connection from anywhere in the world. Our dedicated servers come with powerful hardware and software security to keep your game safe. We're also happy to offer an official server built just for you. Play for free and enjoy the game without any limitations. We've created special events designed to provide players with fun and excitement. Find both PvP and PvE content, perfect for groups and solo players. Our reward system allows players to earn coins through voting. You can find the game store on our website and within the game itself. Additionally, we provide a European client and original server parts. Finally, we have a referral program which allows players to receive additional rewards.On our project, you'll find an exciting siege on the capitals of Elysium and Pandemonium. There's a rating system on the website and an equipment calculator. You'll also find a stigma in your personal account. We also offer new equipment and deity coins. Additionally, there's a completely new Tiamaranta resource system. The client is built on an x64 architecture and includes a fast anti-cheat system. You can also choose the language of the client - Russian or English. So, join us right now to enjoy our unique project!
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Aion 4.6

x2 ~398 ppl. online v4.6 Normal
Grage: 10 points
Крутой сервак.
Experience: 1 year
Grage: 10 points
Хороший сервер, с плюшками.
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